Our story.

In an industry of nonsense.

As a consumer it’s an uphill battle to understand ingredient lists and labels with marketing claims that makes a product sound much better than it really is. How often haven’t you heard of ’natural perfume or scent’, which may sound nice and much better than artificial perfume – but in reality is exactly as allergy causing like any other perfume? 

It’s personal.

 That is just one example. Natasha, one of the founders of daiiys, was frustrated about this issue and the general lack of transparency in the skin care industry. She has suffered from eczema since childhood and her skin flares up if a product is too harsh or contains perfume. She was constantly searching for a trustworthy brand that makes good quality products that not only eliminates all use of perfume. But also takes it one step further; by ensuring that the products also doesn’t contain hormonal disrupting ingredients. Because who wants that?

As a young woman in her mid-twenties, design also mattered. A lot. The products on the market that came closest to her criteria for ingredients, they weren’t exactly ones you would display around the house. She thought it should be possible to combine nice design with quality products that are gentle and can be tolerated by everyone and used every day. A passion project was born. daiiys is premium essentials for everyone who’s looking for pure products that are aesthetically pleasing too.

Pure and better daiiys.

 At daiiys it’s our mission to make every day more pure and worry free. For us it means to reduce the amount of problematic chemicals in our everyday life – by developing pure and allergy friendly products without compromising on efficiency or design. We know what it means to worry about the products you use – because we have been in the exact same situation ourselves. With daiiys we’re giving you one thing less to worry about. 

 Our products are designed and produced in Denmark in Scandinavia. We only use a minimum of ingredients that are carefully chosen and proven to be skin friendly.

daiiys is for everyone who want better days without toxic chemicals and allergy.


All the best,



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