If you’ve landed on this page, it probably means you’re interested in working with us. Thanks so much!

We’re always interested in hearing from talented and nice people. There are a few things you should know before applying for a job at daiiys. First of all, we’re a really small team and we wear a lot of different hats, and always try to help each other out. We care a great deal about finding the right people that fit into our team. We need people who can commit to being on time, who works great in teams as well as independently, and who can manage time and stick to a schedule. If you think we’d make a great fit, we’d love to hear from you! We don’t have any open positions at the moment, but you’re welcome to e-mail us your unsolicited application at We’ll keep it safe and promise to get back to you within a week.
Have a nice daiiy!

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