Privacy policy



We understand and respect the importance of your privacy. We do not sell the information that we collect about you, but there are still things we think you should know.

In order for you to shop at our website, we first need to know where to ship the goods and who the recipient is. We also need your contact information so that our chosen carrier can inform you that your package is on its way. Therefore, we ask for your name, address, phone number and email address. We store this information for 5 years and if you have not made a repeated purchase at again within 5 years, then we will delete this information about you. You always have the opportunity to tell us that you want us to delete your information and we will do that right away.

In order for us to improve our website and give visitors a better shopping experience, we need to know how visitors use our site. Therefore, we use cookies, which are small traces that are stored in your web browser. We constantly try to improve the user experience and for this purpose cookies are brilliant. You can always delete cookies by accessing the settings in your browser and pressing delete.

We use Google Analytics to analyze data. We can never see who has done what on our website. All data is anonymized, so we only see 'the big picture'. We must mention that Google, which owns Google Analytics, keeps this information on Google servers, and we must therefore refer to Google's own privacy policy.

We also use Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, and as you may know, Facebook owns all three platforms. Therefore, you may experience seeing ads from us on these platforms. Again, all data is anonymized. Like Google, Facebook also keeps this information on its own servers, and we must therefore to refer to Facebook's own privacy policy.


If you have subscribed to our newsletter, but no longer want to receive the newsletter, you can easily unsubscribe. At the bottom of each newsletter you will find a link called 'unsubscribe newsletter', click once and you are unsubscribed. We would be sad to see you go but hope you will come back another time.