our story

DAIIYS is a Danish brand and was founded in 2017. Our mission is to brighten homes all over the world with pure everyday essentials completely free from unwanted chemicals and problematic ingredients. We wanted to create an allergy friendly brand that proved that 'free from' does not have to be boring or only come in all-white packaging. Design should still be on point - and if you ask us, we like to add a little colour and a fun product description to the mix.  

Personally we know what it is like to live with eczema and sensitive skin. One of our founders, Natasha, was on an endless search for high quality products without any irritants and hormonal disrupting ingredients. Only to be confused and misled by companies claiming their products to be 'natural' and 'sensitive'. The search only resulted in a huge waste of money and a closet filled with products she could not use. Products that would be tossed in the trash one day. Disappointed as she was and a little envy of all the beautiful packaging of products she knew she could not use, she kept searching for the right products. It had to be out there somewhere, she thought. While studying at business school, Natasha met Thomas. And one day, Thomas discovered the closet with the big pile of barely used products. And laughed.

Since that day we have partnered up and worked on creating a company that has a different approach to ingredients. We want truly pure products with nice design and packaging - no bad stuff and no nonsense. This is DAIIYS. We are also proud to say that every DAIIYS product is designed and produced in Denmark.

Together we can make our daiiys better - and we invite you to join us on this journey.